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Fabrice Ketalar

Fabrice Ketalar is the newest name in the electronic music scene bringing exciting new sounds inspired by his worldly travels. Fabrice has been playing DJ sets along superstar DJs like Just Emma, Eminate, Isaac Soto and the Soul Brothers validating his passion, and putting him in the spotlight . Fabrice is currently the resident DJ at Gitano Group in Tulum (Gitano Beach Club & Gitano Jungle) and has also played at iconic venues like Tekio and Radio Tulum. All the way from Tulum to Puerto Escondido, Puerto Vallarta, and Fire Island. Prior to DJing, Fabrice established himself in the nightlife industry by being the executive producer and owner of the HustlaBall brand worldwide producing nightlife events yearly in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Vancouver, London, New York and TelAviv.

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